Friday, August 27, 2010

Skipping stones

Yesterday my little family drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon had a little picnic and the hubby taught Max and I how to skip stones. I know what you are thinking "taught you to skip stones? You are 30 years old!!!" But alas dear readers I am not much for the great outdoors. I am not designed to be outside! Have you seen how pale I am? But I digress Our picnic was delightful and the very large blue birds that joined us were also lovely company. I also have to say Mr. Fei is a heck of a stone skipper (he was a boy scout after all) and by the end of our evening little Max and I weren't too shabby!

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Amanda said...

Dear family,

Frankie and I miss you. Why do we not live right next store to each other? It would make me happy. Oh well I will have to settle for breakfasts at Pago and trip to
Liberty Heights. Looks like you had so much fun skipping rocks! Miss you dearly!