Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Dear Gormandies,
How am I ever going to go on a diet if you keep making delish things like lovely french macaroons?
You know pretty/ yummy / tiny deserts are my favorite thing in the world. In the future my waistline would very much appreciate if you would stick to things that are easier to avoid such as red velvet cake has never really been my thing. Also sticky buns I can totally resist those. Your cooperation will be very much appreciated. However if you insist on making these them I will see you soon.
PS: This was my breakfast today- sorry skinny jeans you shall remain on the top shelf.
PPS Gormandies is on 250 South 300 East, SLC

1 comment:

Linsey said...

Yay! Glad we'll have something so delicious looking AND tasting to eat at our next book club!