Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Cocktails

It's so hot and the week before my busiest time at work so what's a girl to do? Make myself a drink of course! My favorite adult beverage has always been San Pellegrino Orange with a little Grey Goose Le'Orange and if you haven't tried it you really should! Maybe with a bit if orange zest!? but lately my drink has been a "Ducati" (everything I like to eat and drink ends up being Italian) the recipe is:

1/4 cup blackberries
3-10 mint leaves
1 part 2 parts soda water
blackberry flavored vodka
3 tablespoons simple syrup (or to taste)

Muddle the blackberries and mint in a glass. Add soda water, vodka, simple syrup and ice. Stir and enjoy!
PS: My sister-in-law spoke of a sweet tea flavored vodka to mix with lemonade. Sounds divine!

Monday, June 28, 2010


We got a gelato maker the other day. Gelato is Italian ice cream. It's richer and creamier than regular ice cream. Why do things taste better when you make them at home? So far we've made salted caramel from yummy bequet caramels, blackberry and stracciatella (chocolate chip). It's probably time I switch from gelato to sorbet. Gelato every night can't be a good idea?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Martini Bar

How much fun would this martini bar be? I love this! Karen Mordechai @ Sunday suppers really knows how to throw a bash! I'm thinking for my little brothers birthday??? How fun to hunt at antique stores for a silver punch bowl for ice? I love this- did I already say that?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blue lemon

Have you been to the blue lemon in downtown SLC? I like it very much for the following reasons: 1.They are local. 2. They make "clean" food no trans fats, organic when possible 3. The decor is amazing 4. most importantly they employ my little brother so he is free to roam indie rock shows and write music reviews for no pay just because he loves writing and music. I'm just saying try it out...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's day

Is is just me or are men REALLY hard to shop for? I don't know if the dad's in your life are like mine (one doesn't want anything and the other buys anything he sees) so when I saw this cute idea on Oh Happy Day blog. I was super excited-It's a super hero kit! My hubby is a total fanboy (that means comic book nerd for those of you who are not fluent in nerd speak) so the cute sayings were right up his alley I just filled up a box with Henry's favorite snacks, printed the labels and glued them on! So easy. I also ordered him some Lego Darth Vader cuff links and got him some other what nots but his favorite was Maxwell's little homemade card. It was very sweet.

Happy Father's Day

To My dad: you are such an amazing Grandfather. Max is very lucky to have you! You are his best friend and for that I am so grateful.
To Henry: you are something special. You make Max, our two furry children and myself very happy. I love you.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love list

I'm sick of my house. I think I new new furniture- but let's be honest that is SO not happening so maybe some new home accents could do the job for me. A Johnathan Adler needlepoint pillow? Yes please! Some vintage Conde Nast prints in gaudy gold frames (I still heart the Audrey profile print!) I am going bonkers for this ostrich head in the sand wallpaper- now where to put it?? And I do believe this Hickory Chair Alexandra side chair is perfect.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Last day at last!!!

Today was Maxwell's last day of school! Do you remember that feeling? It was written all over his face all week that excitement of knowing summer was coming and then today that last bell rang and it was here. I was a neighborhood kid I lived in the same place most of elementary school and summers were all about bare feet on hot cement, wearing my swimsuit everyday, ice cream trucks, bike parades and a freezer full of otter pops (btw otter pops are really gross if you have happy childhood memories of them savor them and DON'T try one as an adult-yuck!) I even had a snow cone stand. I hope Max has the same (maybe less sugar) memories of his childhood when he looks back on his life. What's your favorite childhood memory of summer?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Clothing pick for summer: quirky prints

Candy, sunglasses, bikes, bees and even raccoons! I'm just loving unconventional prints in classic shapes! I've bought a few of the Kate Spade and let's face it we are dealing with a full blown obsession! I dream in Kate Spade! Also the old stand by anthro- that raccoon blouse is on my list! So that's all I'm in love with weird prints!

Happiness is

A hubby so sweet that when you complain that the flowers he got you for you anniversary last week are dead and that makes me sad he goes out and gets not one but two big fluffy arrangements of peonies ( from a lovely shop called trifecta ) and grosgrain ribbon. That's what happiness is to anyway.