Sunday, July 26, 2009

Then today we..

Went to Sundance to ride horses. It was so much fun! It was Maxwell's first time on a horse he loved it but I think the 2 hour ride was a little long for his little legs! I'm not much of an "Outside" kind of gal but the views of bridal veil falls were amazing! I think I want a pony! Such a busy week! I also worked over 40 hours! I'm trying to do more outside of my "box" so I think this week was a good start with all this other stuff going on there was very little time for reality tv and online shopping!

And then..

We went to Monica's restaurant "The Park Cafe" which is located in case for some reason you haven't been there right across the street from Liberty Park where they were doing fireworks for the 24th of July. There was lots of good food (of course) and Monica's family was so great to host us!

We also...

Went to a bee's game to watch fireworks with our friends. It was actually really fun! My cute friend Monica got us all tickets (there were 23 of us total)

This week we..

Saw this...