Monday, November 21, 2011


Sorry to the two people that read my blog about the randomness of my last few posts! If you look at the times on them I couldn't sleep so I decided to blog! When I re-read through them I realized my posts were a little bit like ramblings of a mad pregnant lady!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nursery Art

Look at me nothing for months and then: BAM! 3 posts! Here are a few ideas for art in Mr. Baby's room. Dapper little animals from Berkley illustration, Peter Rabbit from Layla Grace, or Nests and Nursery rhymes from Restoration Hardware baby.

Nursery Inspiration

This is the nursery that melts my heart! But I also know it leans a little on the feminine side. Truthfully I actually didn't see that- it was said to me by salespeople at Restoration Hardware. Every time I would call to order something they would say how sweet it was for a little girl and we are having a little boy. I almost lost my cool one day because: hello the linens are blue!! My hubby was very amused that I thought the sales girl was out to spoil my plans for the perfect nursery. I did order those crib linens despite the ruffles, the horse, a camel back glider in Belgian linen and that crib but am on the look out for a dresser/changing table that has traditional and maybe a little more masculine lines. I also want to include that anthropologie pearl flourish mirror. We are picking up our glider tomorrow. It is not quite as pretty as the one in the picture as it has a little more heft to it but it was much more comfortable. For lighting I am getting this vintage art deco chandelier from my moms house that she is in the process of remodeling and this darling little sterling silver elephant lamp from pottery barn. I am still looking for artwork so if anyone has any suggestions I am open for them!


Hello. I am perhaps the worst blogger ever! I don't even have any pregnant pics of myself (isn't that what bloggers do?). I do have to say that I love being pregnant. I feel really great, however, work is getting pretty darn hard so I am super excited to start my leave but at the same time I just hate to wish away my pregnancy. We also have a pretty full plate we are getting ready to move!!! All I can say is "Yay!!!!! Space!!!" We are taking our little family and moving into my husbands childhood home. My in-laws decided they wanted to move into something smaller without a yard to care for so they found a cute place up the road and we are taking over their old house. All I can say is bless them because we were seriously outgrowing this place. But there is work that needs to be done over there and time is not something we have a lot of. We do what we can when we can which when you are in that nesting mode is enough to make one a little nuts and a little emotional. Currently the nursery has no walls (we have been peeling off wall paper to find another layer of wallpaper that was put right on to the drywall) and no floors (we have pulled up the carpet) I am hoping the painters can get started tomorrow and that the floors will be in by next week. I'm also thrilled to go shopping for new appliances. It's strange how fun changes when you are married with a baby on the way (also known as old). So that what we've been up to......