Sunday, July 26, 2009

Then today we..

Went to Sundance to ride horses. It was so much fun! It was Maxwell's first time on a horse he loved it but I think the 2 hour ride was a little long for his little legs! I'm not much of an "Outside" kind of gal but the views of bridal veil falls were amazing! I think I want a pony! Such a busy week! I also worked over 40 hours! I'm trying to do more outside of my "box" so I think this week was a good start with all this other stuff going on there was very little time for reality tv and online shopping!


Suzie Craft said...

And P.S.-- Such a cute blog! I had fun reading through it. You are such a cute family.

meggan said...

I miss this blog. I know your reasons for abandoning the blogosphere, and I feel partially responsible....which is why I am going back to comment on every single post. Just watch.