Friday, June 4, 2010

Last day at last!!!

Today was Maxwell's last day of school! Do you remember that feeling? It was written all over his face all week that excitement of knowing summer was coming and then today that last bell rang and it was here. I was a neighborhood kid I lived in the same place most of elementary school and summers were all about bare feet on hot cement, wearing my swimsuit everyday, ice cream trucks, bike parades and a freezer full of otter pops (btw otter pops are really gross if you have happy childhood memories of them savor them and DON'T try one as an adult-yuck!) I even had a snow cone stand. I hope Max has the same (maybe less sugar) memories of his childhood when he looks back on his life. What's your favorite childhood memory of summer?

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Amanda said...

oh I loved to ride my pink bike and play in the sprinklers. As I got older, sleeping in was the best, which I still try to do on the weekends. I love this post about you!