Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How can I say I love you? Oh.. I know cookies!

Don't you just love things that make your kid and his friends think you are super cool? How about if those things are really easy and don't require much effort? Me too! How fun to make personalized message cookies! I picked these up yesterday with the intent of making "happy 1st day of school" or something to that effect but my day filled up and I didn't make them while Max was at school so I waited until he went to sleep and secretly made them for his lunch. Now I know mine aren't as cute as the ones pictured but it was super late at night and I still had lunches to make. I do have big plans for these babies from Williams-Sonoma.


Katie said...

omg those are SO adorable!! Great idea! You are such a cute mom!

Amanda said...


these are so cute! did you know that I love cookies??

Linsey said...

I totally have to have these! Thanks for sharing!