Friday, May 28, 2010

Right now

I'm looking at this beautiful gray and blue sky and I'm thinking about how I should go for a walk and then I think about the lady at work who told me "You look like I feel" and I decided to eat some caramel gelato instead. What are you doing this weekend?


Amanda said...

Hopefully I am seeing you! This weather is crappy and I am still coughing up a lung, so together we will make a great couple!

Linsey said...

I hope you enjoyed your caramel gelato! That sounds so delicious right now.

P.S. I posted new book reviews today!

West said...

Amber! I don't know if you read your comments from your older posts..but this post so reminded me of you in our poetry class at Hillcrest!! ( ; back when we were two peas in a pod!! take care!