Saturday, May 8, 2010

It flies..

"Time flies", "They grow up fast" and "Before you know it he will be... insert milestone here". These are things parents hear everyday and when Max was very little I felt like I wanted time to fly. I was young and wanted to get out in the world. I wanted to build my life. Looking back at pictures of Max at the ocean makes my heart ache (in a kind of happy way if that makes any sense at all) It seems like just yesterday and also a million years ago at the same time. Max is growing up and becoming such a wonderful young man. He is funny and sweet but not the little boy that wrote "beachland" in the sand and said it seemed "like a different kind of world there" He loves the beach and ran barefoot that day until the sun went down and he was shivering when I wrapped him in a blanket to go back to the hotel. "They grow up fast"


Katie said...

aw I love this! He seems so sweet, and he is so cute!! Time does fly!!

ShaLyse Walker said...

This is so sweet.