Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year. New wardrobe?

I swore that in the new year I was going to be wise about my money and I really think I have stuck with it so far "investing" in some new clothes. These are my newest obsessions :
Anything leopard by Rebecca Taylor. The last three things I have purchased have been leopard and Rebecca Taylor. She has a way of making them soft and feminine because if done wrong leopard can look harsh and dated.

I'm also in love with black skinny jeans the Joe's visionare high waisted and Citizen Avedon in the star wash made my list of necessary wardrobe staples. On the opposite side of skinny jeans I am in love with the seven Ginger jean. I am saving my new pair for spring because wide leg and wet streets do not mix!!

But the thing on the UPS truck that really makes my heart race are the Vera Wang Lillian flat! Sadly gone are the days if sky high heels for this girl now it is only flats that seem to make the cut!
So tell me what are your 2011 must haves?


Linsey said...

Sadly (somewhat), the only things on my shopping list right now are cycling shoes and running gear. But I'm sure that will lead to new wardrobe pieces after all the running and biking I'll be doing! Ask me again in May!

Amanda said...

you know I am keeping an eye out for some Vegas shoes. I love the last shirt. Very chic and looks comfy too. Are wide legs with sparkly butts ok?? haha