Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hello there!

It must be coincidence that it had been exactly one month since I last logged in, looked at or even thought about this little blog BUT now that the dreaded holidays are over I can get back to my little slice of the inter web. I am very sad to report that I have zero Christmas or New Years pictures to show due to the fact that the lovely new Nikon camera that I bought for my hubby was stolen at a New Years Eve bash we attended (while in my care I might add) Don't worry since there are no pics I shall describe: I looked stunning, had on a perfect outfit and it was insanely glamorous! So we are back in the everyday (okay maybe my Christmas tree is still up) but lots of new is coming our way: new living room, Henry is going back to school, back on the baby bandwagon- meeting with our Dr at the end of the month, Max is joining his elementary school ski team and getting a new bedroom. That's the one thing that's really great about January even though usually you don't there is this sense of hope that for some reason you can just start over and do the things that would make you better or make your life better so to all the "resolution-ers" out there I wish you so much luck and joy this year!


Amanda said...

I love you, like so much. You did look fab on New Years and I have some great pics for you and the Aragons. Here is to me losing some weight for my birthday dress!!!

Linsey said...

I love January for the same reason. It feels like everything is a new beginning. Happy new year! Let's do lunch soon.