Thursday, July 22, 2010

Squirrel homicide

Today started out lovely: walked my dogs, lunch with Max and my baby brother and then it happened on our way to the zoo there was a big squirrel in the road and I swerved to miss him and he ran and I hit him. I feel awful. There is a pit in my stomach. I cried the rest of the way to the zoo, I told the squirrels at the zoo that I was so sorry and vowed to put a bird/ squirrel feeder in my yard. I called my hubby and told him I was a murderer and he said that it was probably just accidental manslaughter- or rodentslaughter. I'm kidding but I really feel terrible. I just hope it was quick and that it was an old squirrel and had led a full rodent life.

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Irritatingly Optimistic said...

I would be too. I have never knowingly murdered anything - other than bugs on the windscreen.

I'm sure he was riddled with disease and what you did was a blessing.