Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I love bunnies - don't you?

Henry and I have really tried to cut all products that test on animals out of our lives. Thank all that is good in the world that la mer doesn't! Practices such as squirting it in their little eyes, pumping products in their little bodies or forcing them to inhale sprays are just some of the things poor little bunnies have inflicted upon them! In our scientifically advanced world these tests are unnecessary for cosmetics. I know this is not an issue everyone supports and I would never want to seem like I was forcing my ideas on others BUT if you could buy cruelty free then why wouldn't you?


ShaLyse Walker said...

I honestly love all the updating that is happening on this blog! I think your dinner alone tonight could have deserved its own little post! Keep it up! I love it!

noelle said...

there are some shockers on the "do" list...kiehls???

Corrine said...

wow nice to know which companies test and which ones don't. I am glad clinique doesn't! :)
It is so sad what they do to the animals :(

Irritatingly Optimistic said...

Hello, just stumbled across your blog and liked the look of it so read some of your posts - hope you don't mind?

I used to work in cosmetics and was told that even the companies that say they don't test have at some point used products that have been tested on animals initially to be proved safe. They then continue to use them stating that they haven't been tested, which applies to the ingredients they are actually using. Slightly misleading don't you think?

Sorry about that! Great blog though.