Thursday, May 14, 2009

Red butte gardens

Today we went to Red Butte gardens with Brighton and her very sweet baby boy Asher. It was actually really fun- there we wild baby bunnies everywhere!! When Henry suggested it I kind of rolled my eyes but we had such a nice time we even bought a membership. In my head we are going to have countless picnics there this summer but we will probably be too lazy. These pictures also prove that 1.) boyfriend jeans are NOT flattering unless you are Blake Lively and 2.) flats make you appear 4 ft tall and 300 lbs drawing me to the conclusion that things that are comfy are never cute :( its a harsh truth

1 comment:

noelle said...

Don't say that since I plan on wearing boyfriend jeans and flats every day this know, all the things you've sold to me??? You have to take it back, most especially since you always look cute.