Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas 08.

I know it is mid January. I know I have posted like 10 times since Christmas. I also know that I should have taken more pictures on Christmas so that I would have been more excited about this post. I took one of the breakfast that I made but I did not take any of my loved ones eating it. I took one of my presents all wrapped under the tree but very few of my loved ones unwrapping them. However, Maxwell and the prank kit were great. He was so funny all day with it! I love that even with all the expensive gifts he received disappearing ink and a whoopie cushion were that things that gave him the most joy! I guess I did not take photos of the eating and unwrapping because I was partaking in the festivities! Next year though everyone say cheese!!!


Auntie Ann said...

You are the fanciest lady that I know! Your house and food and gifts and child are all ADORABLE. You are one of my favorite fun to see you the other night!

Amy said...

everything ann said!!!