Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas to do list...

20 days till Christmas and there is just never enough time this time of year!! But have started my Christmas shopping so I can check that off my list! But there are few other things that I have just got to do this season.....
1. Put up my Christmas tree! I can't believe it's not up yet!
2. Drink hot chocolate by the fire and watch "the grinch" and "elf" with my family.
3. Participate in "Cookie Sweatshop". My lovely friend Carlee has a cookie decorating party that is so fun!
4. Make homemade marshmallows. Hopefully with my little brother!
5. Send Christmas cards. Last year I bought such cute ones that I never sent so this year I am mailing them (maybe)
6. I know it's a little cliche but a horse drawn carriage ride to look at the lights downtown SLC. With my Henry and Max.
7. I would love to host a gingerbread house party like this one. It probably won't happen but it's a nice thought!
8. Take some family pics that including the other loves in my life Molly and Wil.
9. Shopping with my mom and a trip to the craft store to pick ribbon to wrap up our gifts.
10. At some point schedule a pedi and massage to help cope with all this fun!
What's on your holiday to do list? Anything super fun that I left off?

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Amanda said...

You also have a wine tasting party and a Christmas party too. In open spaces you should call random friends (Amanda) to meet you for coffee at Beans and Brews....xoxoxo