Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday my love!

I can't believe my baby is 11 years old today! Happy Birthday sweet boy! You are so funny you make me laugh everyday! You are so unselfish that I learn from you everyday! And you are so thoughtful that you remind me that I am so lucky to be your Mommy everyday! I hope you had a perfect birthday! I love you!


ShaLyse Walker said...

He really is so adorable. And I love the look on his face.

Amanda said...

We had so much fun yesterday and everything was amazing1 I can not wait to see the pics. Thanks for having us. xoxo

ShaLyse said...

So amb- you need to leave me a comment with some good blogs. I'm at home sick and I need something to entertain myself. Oh, and I still can't wait for the limo video of max!

Cody said...

He had such an epic birthday.

I had fun at Alice in Wonderland..... Glad you liked the CGI breakdance so much ;)