Sunday, January 3, 2010

Did I mention that I turned 3-0?!?!? may be asking yourself what (other than having her hubby inject her with hormones that made her want to inflict bodily harm on those around her) has this girl been up to?! Well I had my 30th birthday in October. It was wonderful. To all of my 28-29 year old friends I swear it's nothing to stress about! My wonderful husband really came through he sent me beautiful flowers, threw me an awesome party (with help from my friends and Mommy), and gave me perfect, heart stopping diamond solitaire earrings! My party was just what I wanted. It was small and held at my moms newly remodeled home, we had dinner brought in from Henry's restaurant so our guest chowed down on homemade pot stickers, egg rolls, walnut shrimp, spicy generals chicken and salad with ginger dressing and fried won ton skins. The cocktail served up was my favorite (I like to call it the Amber) orange San Pellegrino and orange gray goose (yummy) and there was pink lots of pink. Pink flowers, pink balloons, a pink candy bar and pink drinks. Another thing that made it really special was Henry had my doggy's there ( he even put big pink bows in Molly's ears- I wish I had a picture of that!) Someone did snap a pic of my lovely pup Wil in my lap about to give me a smooch! Max was as always the life of the party! We didn't notice until we got home that we didn't take any pictures together! Then the next day my dear friend Amanda (who also got my cute Alice in Wonderland cake) had arranged for some of the girls to get together for a tea party birthday luncheon at the Beehive Tea Room. Have you been there? It's so charming! We had a private room, yummy food and drink and laughed a lot!


Amanda said...

yeah we are blogging again! I love it!

ShaLyse Walker said...

What fun what fun what fun! And what a sweet husband you have!! Let's have tea soon!