Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wax on Wax off

I've been slacking on my posting- mostly because I have a bad attitude and I am hoping it will soon subside but in the meantime I wanted to say congratulations to my little purple belt ninja! I'm so proud of how very serious he is about his karate- he does push ups every day and even has these little muscle in his little biceps! I had to work and miss this so I sent my dad with our camera (apparently I am not the only one who struggles with Henry's fancy schmancy camera)


meggan said...

I don't think your dad struggles with the camera, I just think Max is so ninja-quick that he looks like a blur on film!

ps: you know what cures a bad attitude? Us setting up a playdate. Pronto.

Auntie Ann said...

awwwh, good for him! I miss you!